(…) because I grew up with the feeling that I live here, I was born here, but that I have to leave here one day. Because the first question is always where do they come from and the second is when are they going, when are they going back. It doesn’t matter if this “back” exists or not. And you can’t be German with Black skin anyway.

Here I am no longer in my homeland; and they robbed me of it in a very specific way. The whole environment has become foreign (to me). It starts with the smell and goes all the way to the images on the streets.

What can we do apart from resisting? (…) It will not be easy to avenge their crimes against our people, for every step we take will be met with massive and arbitrary retribution. (…) But the destiny of our people on this earth is already certain. (…) We can either die with them or try to avenge their death. Our revenge will have to be unbridled and merciless.

Integration inevitably implies significant assimilation to dominant German culture and its core values.

I heard white people say N***** to me in kindergarten
Don’t question the stereotypes, hit brothers now
We demand more than equal rights, we want peace once and for all
To have new goals and not the image of dealers
A motion is being discussed in Parliament
And meanwhile the next Nazi is planning his attack
The attack is regretted, but I ask myself:
“Why is there another Black family at the grave?”

Witbooi to Leutwein: (…) The fact that I do not want to be subordinate to the German Emperor is not a sin, guilt or dishonour that justifies you imposing the death penalty on me. I beg you again, dear friend, (…) do not attack me and leave me in peace. Leutwein to Witbooi: The fact that you don’t want to submit to the German Reich is neither a sin nor a fault, but it is dangerous for the existence of the German protectorate. So (…) all further letters in which you do not offer me your submission are useless.

Art. 24. Along the coast or at the fort you should buy as many slaves as are necessary for the work (…).
Art. 25. If there are more slaves than are needed, a store shall be kept of them (for they can be fed with little more than a little rice) to be sent hither or elsewhere as needed. (…)
Art. 26. As soon as we can come to an agreement with the Spaniards or with anyone else for the supply of slaves, you will be informed.

If the judge has to individualise everywhere else, i.e. first investigate and get to know the peculiarities of the subject to be treated and then determine the course to pursue, the initiate can generalise on the nature of XXX without any danger.

Germany is now to be regarded as a colonial power and is therefore in a position to propose a conference in Berlin. Our country will be heard at this important congress aimed at laying the foundations of future government for these vast territories.

They tried out one theory after the other on us. First they suspected my mother and her brothers; they accused him of murder out of greed. At the time of the murder, my father was at the peak of his economic success with his flower wholesale business. He made really good money. There were always bundles of bills hidden under my parents’ mattress. It was later said that my father was probably a dealer and didn’t buy flowers in Holland, but drugs.

No more Turks can cross the border!

We Roma and Sinti are the flowers of this earth.
You can crush us,
we can be ripped out of the ground, we can be gassed,
you can burn us
one can kill us –
but like the flowers, we keep coming back (…).

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