Welcome to glokal’s eLearning tool! Connecting the Dots explores post-colonial and critical perspectives on history.

Dominant accounts of history today are full of gaps and silences. Many of the stories that are crucial for helping us create our present and imagine possible futures have yet to be written.

Our eLearning tool aims to start filling these gaps by presenting a collection of quotations by people from different eras and parts of the world. In their words, you will find diverse perspectives on class, gender, sexuality and race. Our brochure Connecting the Dots provides suggestions for how to use the citations and do further research into each of the timeline topics.

With their diverse outlooks, we see the quotations as resources that we can connect with our own experiences, thoughts and ideas. Some of the accounts may feel deeply disheartening. They may show us how struggles centuries ago tried, without success, to resolve the problems we still confront today. Others though might encourage us by shedding a different light on the present, making change seem possible.

Connecting the Dots’ goal is to let those voices that have long been silenced in official histories be heard. Through the tool, which covers the past 500 years, you can learn about different perspectives on the following topics: colonialism, racism in Germany, humans and nature, labour, capitalism, democracy and power, culture, migration and flight, gender and sexuality, and development.