The idea of a good and normalized Germany is opposed to a reality in which people still have to fear that the police will pass on their addresses to Nazis, that weapons are hoarded and that explosives will simply disappear from the stocks of the Bundeswehr. And the anticipation of gratitude for the (not only) Jewish reconciliation obscures the fact that the German history of violence is not over because one side wants it to be. But that it continues to create life-threatening realities in new formations and perpetuate injustice. In the face of this situation, the equation of memory and reconciliation must be called for what it is: an expression of the needs of a section of this society which is ashamed of its actions and wishes this unpleasant story to be resolved very soon. The hope contained therein for normalization from the national anthem to home is part of this wishful thinking. That may be understandable, it may also be politically opportune – but it does not apply to all people who live in this country. And who are heartbroken about what has been done to them and their families. And it will stay that way.