Antisemitism 33

„Following the dethronement of the Sultan Abdul Hamid II, as known for all, the Ottoman administration was taken over by the statesmen controlled by the Jewish League Zion and known as Committee for Union and Progress. The same Union and Progress organized its huge congress in Salonica with all of its parliamentarians on an October day of 1325 (1909) – whose exact date I cannot remember anymore. In a secret meeting, a smaller commission consisting of leading persons and chairmen answered the question of “How will be Turkey ruled?” which was posed by the Zionist League and its sub-organization East Jews Masonic Lodge with the following resolution listed as four points:

1-   The influence and power of the religion in Turkey will be ruptured,

2-   The financial resources of the country will be distributed among brothers,

3-   Caliphate will be disassociated from the sultanate and thus weakened,

4-   The republic will be declared and the dynasty eradicated at the earliest possible date.”